The following are the cases I'm currently working on. The information here is TOP SECRET and must not be discussed with anyone (unless you really want to). Click here for solved cases and cold cases.

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This is a challenging case and I expect to be doing a lot of research on this. I was alerted to an unusual phenomenon out at Mr. MacGregor's farm. My valuable rural contact will remain nameless. When I arrived to investigate, I was surprised to see the farmer's entire flock of sheep - floating about two meters above the ground and anchored by ropes attached to stakes in the ground!

After speaking with Mr. MacGregor at length, he revealed that his farm has recently been visited by a UFO, and the sheep it got close to have started floating, "like the anti-gravity done rubbed off on them, I got to keep 'em tied down till it wears off". The farmer submitted a drawing (below,left) to be used as evidence. Back in town, researching my files, I found an old photo of a UFO from the 1950's, same spaceship. Eureka!

Check this file often. I plan a stakeout at the farm very soon, and will update you with any progress in the case.

UPDATE: I had the rest of the photos developed. They are below. As you can see, I gott a most extraordinary shot of this illuminated craft. Despite my consistent and meticulous warnings, Potato still doesn't seem to understand when he is in a potentially dangerous situation.


Potato and UFO


Of course, Potato didnt listen to my instructions to stay away from the ship. Good thing I had that string tied to his wrist. The auspicious thing about his misbehavior was that since he became a part of the phenomenon, I was able to deduce that it wasn't the sheep that were causing the lack of gravitational pull, but rather, some external factor.


I feel like I'm getting very close to solving this case. I must go over the interrogation files I recorded with the craft's pilots. As a side note, they were very rude and ate one of my microphones.


FINAL UPDATE: I went over the recordings several times, and the aliens kept saying "taxi comes, taxi comes!" This bewildered me to an extreme degree. Aliens, with their own ship, calling for a taxi? I noted also that they were picking flowers in the sheeps' meadow, and taking them back to their ship. These aliens were strange indeed. Finally, it hit me, and I rode my bike back to the landing site as fast as I could. I was able to communicate with them just enough to understand that they weren't saying "taxi comes". They were saying "Taraxacum". It's the scientific name for the common dandelion! Something in that plant was the key ingredient in the fuel their ship needed and they had stopped in the field for refueling. The sheep were eating their fuel, so they "floated" them in order to get enough flowers to get to their next destination! For a short period, the aviators thought Potato was a giant dandelion, but soon realized their mistake after analyzing Potato's distinctive (and apparently useless) smell. We all had a good laugh and, with their taraxacum tank all topped off, away they flew! Though it's hard for me to admit, Potato somehow knew he had nothing to fear from them after all. They promised to stop by again sometime.



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Missing persons report in The Trickle Times Standard (photo above)
"Popular local businessman and champion bass angler, Eugene 'Uncle Gene' Anderson has not been seen since leaving his office on Friday, on his way to spending the weekend at his favorite fishing hole, Carmichael Pond. Fishing tackle found at the Pond has been identified as belonging to Mr Anderson, but as yet there is no trace of him..."


I went to investigate and found a memory card squished in the mud at the bottom of a weird footprint (photo, with Potato for scale)

I collected the memory card as evidence, took it home, put it in my camera and downloaded the contents. There was only one picture on the card.

-- looks like Uncle Gene was taking a picture of himself with his latest catch, shame he didn't have his reading glasses with him, he always was a bit vain. What the heck is that, is that a tadpole? And what's the pink streak at the side here (see photo). Is it a digital glitch? It almost looks like a giant tongue!

Again, check back on this case. It's close to being cracked!

Solved Cases

Here are a few cases solved by yours truly, no matter what the authorities say.

cat shave incident spacer

Neighborhood cats were found unharmed, but completely shaved from head to tail. Four cats in four nights. Things were looking serious, and people were concerned, to say nothing of the poor cats' embarrassment.  


After some good surveillance, several solid tips and a certain trash can filled with tell-tale hair and some glue, the culprit was easily spied by this reporter.


Mrs. Hildegard Arden-Schuller, a lifelong resident of Trickle Falls, is a charter member of the League of Women Non-Voters, has chaired the Summer Social Jello Mold committee for twenty years running, and holds a coffee clatch on Tuesday mornings. Relatives have received word that she is taking a brief hiatus from her activities and can be contacted via the front office of Mindbruken Acres Convalescent Home.

troglodite spacer

Is there a troglodyte living under Trickle Falls ?

Your trusted reporter can assure you there is NOT ! A sighting down at the old storm drains turned out to be Tommy Sullivan's dad, sleeping off another rough night at 'Dandy's Hole in the Wall Bar'. Thomas Sullivan Sr., shown above, is a colorful resident of Trickle Falls. After living on an unidentified island off the coast of San Francisco for fifteen years, Mr. Sullivan has graced the town with his tall tales, acrobatic antics, and his ability to keep a vigilant watch over the front porch of Ted's Mini-Market most weekends.
These are the cases that have me stumped, for the time being. Rest assured though, I WILL solve them eventually. Nothing gets past my sleuthing skills for long.

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My most recent case. You've never met a meatloaf quite like this. Characters included a new neighbor, Mrs. Cameron, a highly regarded fellow baby-sitter, a strange, scary dog, a barbeque ledgend, and of course, Potato, my charge for the evening. To find out what happened, you'll have to buy the book!

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